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President of Ukraine


On the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine of September 14, 2020 "On the National Security Strategy of Ukraine"

According to Article 107 of the Constitution of Ukraine, I decree:

1. Implement the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine of September 14, 2020 "On the National Security Strategy of Ukraine" (attached).

2. To approve the National Security Strategy of Ukraine (attached).

3. Recognize Article 2 of the Presidential Decree as repealed Of Ukraine of May 26, 2015 № 287 “On the decision of the National Council of Security and Defense of Ukraine of May 6, 2015 “On the Strategy National Security of Ukraine ".

4. Monitoring the implementation of the decision of the National Security and Defense Council Ukraine, enacted by this Decree, to be entrusted to the Secretary of the Council national security and defense of Ukraine.

5. This Decree shall enter into force on the day of its publication.

President of Ukraine  В.ЗЕЛЕНСЬКИЙ

September 14, 2020

Put into operation
By decree of the President of Ukraine
of September 14, 2020 № 392/2020


National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

of September 14, 2020

On the National Security Strategy of Ukraine

According to Article 26 of the Law of Ukraine "On National Security Of Ukraine ”National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, considering the project National Security Strategies of Ukraine, decided:

1. To approve the draft National Security Strategy of Ukraine.

2. To propose to the President of Ukraine to approve the National Security Strategy of Ukraine.

3. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, state bodies according to the relevant areas of national security to submit within six months for consideration National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine projects: Human Strategies Development, Military Security Strategy of Ukraine, Public Strategy Security and Civil Protection of Ukraine, Development Strategy Defense and Industrial Complex of Ukraine, Economic Security Strategy, Biosafety and Biosecurity Strategies, Information Strategies Security, Cyber ​​Security Strategy of Ukraine, Foreign Policy Strategy activities, National Security Strategy, National intelligence program.

4. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine within six months to develop and approve the Energy Security Strategy, the Environmental Security Strategy and adaptation to climate change, Integrated Governance Strategy borders, Food Security Strategy.

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine O. DANILOV

By decree of the President of Ukraine
of September 14, 2020 № 392/2020

National Security Strategy of Ukraine


I. Priorities national interests of Ukraine and ensuring national security, goals and main directions of state policy in the field of national security

1. Man, his life and health, honor and dignity, inviolability and security is the highest social value in Ukraine. Implementation of this rule The Constitution of Ukraine is the main goal of the state national policy security.

2. We are making Ukraine a free, prosperous, secure state where it rules a law where the state protects citizens and a society where everyone can realize their talents and abilities, where people breathe clean air, drink clean water and with which our children and grandchildren will connect their destiny.

3. Ukraine seeks peace. Peace is the key to Ukraine's development. Installation peace, restoration of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine in within its internationally recognized state border is the highest priority states.

4. The National Security Strategy of Ukraine (hereinafter - the Strategy) is based on the following basic principles:

deterrence - the development of defense and security capabilities to prevent armed aggression against Ukraine;

resilience - the ability of society and the state to adapt quickly to changes in the security environment and to maintain sustainable operation, in particular by minimizing external and internal vulnerabilities;

interaction - development of strategic relations with key foreign ones partners, in particular with the European Union and NATO and them Member States, the United States of America, pragmatic cooperation with other states and international organizations on based on the national interests of Ukraine.

5. Given the fundamental national interests identified Constitution of Ukraine and the Law of Ukraine "On National Security Ukraine ", priorities of national interests of Ukraine and provision national security are:

upholding independence and state sovereignty;

restoration of territorial integrity within the internationally recognized state border of Ukraine;

social development, first of all development of human capital;

protection of the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of the citizens of Ukraine;

European and Euro-Atlantic integration.

6. The implementation of these priorities will be ensured in the following areas:

restoration of peace, territorial integrity and state sovereignty in the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine on the basis of international law;

implementation of international legal, political-diplomatic, security, humanitarian and economic measures aimed at ending Russian Federation of illegal occupation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol;

continued implementation of defense and deterrence measures, active use of negotiation formats and consolidation of international pressure on The Russian Federation as a guarantee of escalation of the conflict from the outside Russia, reducing tensions and the cessation of the Russian Federation's armed forces aggression;

use of all existing mechanisms of the UN, the Council of Europe, the OSCE, and others international organizations to consolidate Ukraine 's international support in countering Russian aggression, restoring territorial integrity and state sovereignty of Ukraine;

development of relations with the United States of America, the United States The Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Canada, Federal Republic of Germany, the French Republic, neighboring and other states, as well as with international organizations for ensuring international security and countering common challenges and threats, minimizing their impact on Ukraine;

full implementation of the Association Agreement between Ukraine, on the one hand parties, and the European Union, the European Atomic Energy Community energy and their Member States, on the other hand, and its modernization parameters where necessary, based on the results of a comprehensive review achieving the objectives of the Agreement in accordance with Article 481, with a view to acquiring full membership of Ukraine in the European Union;

developing a special partnership with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization an agreement aimed at Ukraine's full membership in NATO;

strengthening the capabilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other bodies of the security and defense sector;

sustainable development of the national economy and its integration into the European economic space; ;

development of human capital of Ukraine, in particular through the modernization of education and science, health care, culture, social protection;

protection of the individual, society and the state from offenses, in particular corruption, ensuring the restoration of violated rights, redress the damage caused;

ensuring environmental safety, creating safe conditions human life, in particular in the affected areas hostilities, building an effective system of civil defense;

strengthening the capacity of the national cybersecurity system for effective counteraction to cyber threats in the modern security environment;

development of public-private partnership.

II. Current and projected threats to national security and national interests Ukraine, taking into account foreign policy and domestic conditions

7. More and more people are experiencing the effects of climate change and growth man-made load on the environment. The number and scale of emergencies of natural and man-made nature. The ecosphere is depleting, consumption is growing non-renewable resources. Ecosystems and biocenoses are being destroyed. Intensifies negative impact of biological factors on the population, the probability increases the emergence of threats of biological origin. The threat of occurrence is high and the spread of both known and new infectious diseases.

8. Inequality grows, other fundamental imbalances persist world development. Effective tools cannot be formed global governance.

9. Rapid technological change, especially in energy and biotechnology, development in the field of artificial intelligence, etc. radically transform the economy and society as a whole. The role is growing rapidly information technology in all spheres of public life. Developed weapons systems based on new physical principles, using quantum, information, space, hypersonic, biotechnology, and also technologies in the field of artificial intelligence, creation of new materials, robotics and autonomous drones.

10. The modern model of globalization has made it possible to spread the international terrorism and international crime, in particular in cyberspace, drug trafficking, human trafficking, religious and ideological fundamentalism and extremism fueled from abroad by separatism, illegal migration, legalization (laundering) of income received criminal means, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, etc.

11. The spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) was critical problems in the information sphere, health and social systems protection, has led to rising unemployment, destroys the established way life, threatens food security, impedes free movement capital, goods and labor, harms the service sector and, ultimately, raises protests in societies and conflict in international relations.

12. Measures to combat the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), against the background of fundamental disparities in world development led to a new global financial and economic crisis, which, according to UN estimates, may be the deepest since the Great Depression of 1929 - 1933. The international system was created after the Second World War security is no longer able to respond effectively to today's challenges.

13. Outlines and trends in the formation of a new model of civilizational development not yet outlined. Interstate associations are being transformed and international organizations, increasing protectionism and tendencies to regionalism. The situation in the world and prospects for its development characterized by a high degree of uncertainty and unpredictability.

14. Competitions between the United States and the United States are intensifying People's Republic of China for world leadership. Intensifies international competition using all national instruments forces - political, diplomatic, military, economic, information and psychological, cyber means. Its effects are manifested in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, Southeast Asia, the Arctic, and other regions.

15. The challenges to transatlantic and European unity are growing can lead to escalation of existing and new conflicts. The Russian Federation is trying to take advantage of the situation, which continues armed aggression against Ukraine.

16. Russia uses the occupied Black Sea-Caspian region Crimea as a "bridge" to the Balkans, the Mediterranean, the Middle East and the North Africa. To strengthen its position in Europe, the Russian Federation uses energy and information "weapons", tries to influence domestic political situation in European countries, feeds long conflicts, increases the military presence in Eastern Europe.

17. Dlya vidnovlennya svoho vplyvu v Ukrayini Rosiysʹka Federatsiya, prodovzhuyuchy hibrydnu viynu, systemno zastosovuye politychni, ekonomichni, informatsiyno-psykholohichni, kiber- i voyenni zasoby. Posylyuyutʹsya uhrupovannya zbroynykh syl Rosiysʹkoyi Federatsiyi ta yikh nastupalʹnyy potentsial, rehulyarno provodyatʹsya masshtabni viysʹkovi navchannya poblyzu derzhavnoho kordonu Ukrayiny, shcho svidchytʹ pro zberezhennya zahrozy viysʹkovoho vtorhnennya. Zrostaye militaryzatsiya terytoriy tymchasovo okupovanoyi Avtonomnoyi Respubliky Krym ta mista Sevastopolya. Zberihayetʹsya zahroza z boku Rosiysʹkoyi Federatsiyi vilʹnomu sudnoplavstvu u Chornomu ta Azovsʹkomu moryakh, Kerchensʹkiy prototsi.

18. Rosiysʹka okupatsiyna administratsiya ta zbroyni formuvannya Rosiysʹkoyi Federatsiyi na tymchasovo okupovanykh terytoriyakh Avtonomnoyi Respubliky Krym ta mista Sevastopolya, v okremykh rayonakh Donetsʹkoyi ta Luhansʹkoyi oblastey Ukrayiny hrubo porushuyutʹ prava y svobody lyudyny i hromadyanyna, yikh diyalʹnistʹ zahrozhuye bezpetsi Ukrayiny, inshykh derzhav Balto-Chornomorsʹkoho rehionu.

19. Spetsialʹni sluzhby inozemnykh derzhav, nasampered Rosiysʹkoyi Federatsiyi, prodovzhuyutʹ rozviduvalʹno-pidryvnu diyalʹnistʹ proty Ukrayiny, namahayutʹsya pidzhyvlyuvaty separatyst·sʹki nastroyi, vykorystovuyutʹ orhanizovani zlochynni uhrupovannya i korumpovanykh posadovykh osib, prahnutʹ zmitsnyty infrastrukturu vplyvu.

20. Destruktyvna propahanda yak zzovni, tak i vseredyni Ukrayiny, vykorystovuyuchy suspilʹni protyrichchya, rozpalyuye vorozhnechu, provokuye konflikty, pidryvaye suspilʹnu yednistʹ. Vidsutnistʹ tsilisnoyi informatsiynoyi polityky derzhavy, slabkistʹ systemy stratehichnykh komunikatsiy uskladnyuyutʹ neytralizatsiyu tsiyeyi zahrozy.

21. Suchasni tempy pereozbroyennya Zbroynykh Syl Ukrayiny, inshykh skladovykh syl oborony na novitni (modernizovani) zrazky ne zabezpechuyutʹ potreby u zamini osnovnykh vydiv ozbroyennya ta viysʹkovoyi tekhniky radyansʹkoho vyrobnytstva, yaki u nayblyzhchiy perspektyvi vycherpayutʹ sviy resurs. Zrostalʹnyy defitsyt finansovykh resursiv uskladnyuye vydilennya koshtiv dlya zabezpechennya vyrobnytstva ta zakupivli u neobkhidnykh obsyahakh suchasnykh zrazkiv ozbroyennya ta viysʹkovoyi tekhniky, shcho razom iz dysbalansom voyennykh potentsialiv Ukrayiny ta Rosiysʹkoyi Federatsiyi obumovlyuye neobkhidnistʹ rozrobky novoyi stratehiyi voyennoyi bezpeky.

22. Dzherelom zahroz nezalezhnosti Ukrayiny, yiyi suverenitetu i demokratiyi zalyshayetʹsya nedostatnya efektyvnistʹ derzhavnykh orhaniv, shcho uskladnyuye vyroblennya i realizatsiyu efektyvnoyi polityky.

23. Nyzʹkyy rivenʹ dobrobutu porodzhuye zneviru i nevpevnenistʹ u maybutnʹomu, provokuye nasylʹstvo, shcho halʹmuye rozvytok ta konservuye vidstalistʹ. Osoblyvo nebezpechnym ye ukorinennya radykalʹnykh suspilʹnykh nastroyiv i seredovyshch, yaki ye osnovoyu dlya politychnoho nasylʹstva y separatyzmu, diyalʹnosti nezakonnykh zbroynykh formuvanʹ, poshyrennya teroryzmu. Zlochynnistʹ zahrozhuye pravam i svobodam, zakonnym interesam lyudey, suspilʹstva ta derzhavy.

24. Neposlidovnistʹ ta nezavershenistʹ reform i koruptsiya pereshkodzhayutʹ vyvedennyu ukrayinsʹkoyi ekonomiky z depresyvnoho stanu, unemozhlyvlyuyutʹ yiyi stale i dynamichne zrostannya, pidvyshchuyutʹ urazlyvistʹ do zahroz, pidzhyvlyuyutʹ kryminalʹne seredovyshche.

25. Nedostatniy zakhyst prava vlasnosti, povilʹnyy rozvytok rynkovykh vidnosyn u klyuchovykh sferakh, u tomu chysli v korystuvanni zemleyu i nadramy, znachna rolʹ derzhavnoho sektoru v ekonomitsi, nedoskonalistʹ ta frahmentarnistʹ zakonodavstva strymuyutʹ ekonomichne zrostannya, zaluchennya vnutrishnikh ta zovnishnikh investytsiy.

26. Nedostatniy rivenʹ konkurentsiyi ta panuvannya monopoliy, zokrema v enerhetychniy sferi ta infrastrukturi, nyzʹka enerhoefektyvnistʹ zmenshuyutʹ konkurentospromozhnistʹ Ukrayiny, zahrozhuyutʹ dobrobutu yiyi hromadyan.

27. Posylyuyutʹsya zahrozy dlya krytychnoyi infrastruktury, povʺyazani z pohirshennyam yiyi tekhnichnoho stanu, vidsutnistyu investytsiy v yiyi onovlennya ta rozvytok, nesanktsionovanym vtruchannyam u yiyi funktsionuvannya, zokrema fizychnoho i kiberkharakteru, tryvayuchymy boyovymy diyamy, a takozh tymchasovoyu okupatsiyeyu chastyny terytoriyi Ukrayiny.

28. Pohirshuyutʹsya seredovyshche zhyttyediyalʹnosti, yakistʹ povitrya, pytnoyi vody, produktiv kharchuvannya, shcho vplyvaye na zhyttya ta zdorovʺya lyudey.

Tryvaye neratsionalʹne vykorystannya pryrodnykh resursiv, dehradatsiya lisiv, vodnykh baseyniv, silʹsʹkohospodarsʹkykh uhidʹ. Neefektyvnoyu ye systema povodzhennya z pobutovymy i promyslovymy vidkhodamy. Mozhlyvosti adaptatsiyi ekonomiky, system zhyttyezabezpechennya ta tsyvilʹnoho zakhystu do zminy klimatu ye nedostatnimy. Zberihayetʹsya nehatyvnyy vplyv tryvayuchykh boyovykh diy na terytoriyakh okremykh rayoniv Donetsʹkoyi i Luhansʹkoyi oblastey ta naslidkiv Chornobylʹsʹkoyi katastrofy na ekolohiyu i zdorovʺya lyudey.

29. Dedali zahrozlyvishoyu staye demohrafichna sytuatsiya. Skorochennya narodzhuvanosti, vysokyy rivenʹ smertnosti, zokrema dytyachoyi, problemy reproduktyvnoho zdorovʺya naselennya, systemni problemy u sferi okhorony zdorovʺya, emihratsiya, nasampered fakhivtsiv i molodi, pidryvayutʹ natsionalʹnu stiykistʹ, lyudsʹkyy, e Show more 5,000 / 5,000 Translation results

17. To restore its influence in Ukraine, the Russian Federation, continuing the hybrid war, systematically applies political, economic, information and psychological, cyber and military means. Intensify grouping of the armed forces of the Russian Federation and their offensive potential, large-scale military exercises are regularly held nearby state border of Ukraine, which indicates the preservation of the threat military invasion. The militarization of territories is growing temporarily occupied the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol. Saved threat from the Russian Federation to free navigation in the Black Sea and Seas of Azov, Kerch Strait.

18. Russian occupation administration and armed groups Of the Russian Federation in the temporarily occupied territories of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol, in some areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine grossly violate human rights and freedoms and citizen, their activities threaten the security of Ukraine and other states Baltic-Black Sea region.

19. Special services of foreign countries, primarily Russian Federation, continue intelligence and subversive activities against Ukraine, trying to fuel separatist sentiments, use organized criminal groups and corrupt officials, seek to strengthen the infrastructure of influence.

20. Destructive propaganda both outside and inside Ukraine, using social contradictions, incites hostility, provokes conflicts, undermines social unity. Lack of holistic information policy of the state, the weakness of the strategic system communications make it difficult to neutralize this threat.

21. Current pace of rearmament of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other components defense forces for the latest (upgraded) models do not meet the needs of replacement of the main types of Soviet weapons and military equipment production, which in the near future will run out of resources. The growing shortage of financial resources makes it difficult to allocate funds for ensuring production and procurement in the necessary modern volumes samples of weapons and military equipment, which together with the imbalance of the military potentials of Ukraine and the Russian Federation necessitates developing a new military security strategy.

22. The source of threats to Ukraine's independence, sovereignty and democracy remains insufficient efficiency of state bodies that complicates the development and implementation of effective policies.

23. Low levels of well-being lead to despair and insecurity future, provokes violence that inhibits development and preserves backwardness. The entrenchment of radical social organizations is especially dangerous attitudes and environments that are the basis for political violence and separatism, the activities of illegal armed groups, proliferation terrorism. Crime threatens rights and freedoms, legitimate interests people, society and the state.

24. Inconsistency and incompleteness of reforms and corruption hinder bringing the Ukrainian economy out of a depressed state, make it impossible sustainable and dynamic growth, increase vulnerability to threats, fuel the criminal environment.

25. Insufficient protection of property rights, slow development of market relations in key areas, including land use and subsoil, the significant role of the public sector in the economy, imperfection and fragmentary legislation hinders economic growth, involvement domestic and foreign investment.

26. Insufficient level of competition and domination of monopolies, in particular c energy sector and infrastructure, low energy efficiency reduce Ukraine's competitiveness and threaten its well-being citizens.

27. Threats to critical infrastructure are growing deterioration of its technical condition, lack of investment in its renewal and development, unauthorized interference in its functioning, in particular physical and cyber, ongoing hostilities, as well as temporary occupation of part of the territory of Ukraine.

28. Deteriorating living environment, air quality, drinking water, food that affects human life and health.

Irrational use of natural resources, degradation continues forests, water basins, agricultural lands. It is ineffective household and industrial waste management system. Opportunities adaptation of the economy, life support systems and civil protection to climate change is insufficient. The negative impact of ongoing persists hostilities in certain areas of Donetsk and Luhansk areas and the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster on the environment and health people.

29. Dedali zahrozlyvishoyu staye demohrafichna sytuatsiya. Skorochennya narodzhuvanosti, vysokyy rivenʹ smertnosti, zokrema dytyachoyi, problemy reproduktyvnoho zdorovʺya naselennya, systemni problemy u sferi okhorony zdorovʺya, emihratsiya, nasampered fakhivtsiv i molodi, pidryvayutʹ natsionalʹnu stiykistʹ, lyudsʹkyy, ekonomichnyy i voyennyy potentsial, zahrozhuyutʹ maybutnʹomu Ukrayiny.

Poshyrennya koronavirusnoyi khvoroby (COVID-19) zasvidchylo systemni problemy u sferi okhorony zdorovʺya, biobezpeky ta sotsialʹnoho zakhystu, nedostatnyu hotovnistʹ do diy u nadzvychaynykh sytuatsiyakh.

30. Zrostaye kilʹkistʹ porushenʹ mihratsiynoho zakonodavstva Ukrayiny inozemtsyamy ta osobamy bez hromadyanstva, zokrema vykhidtsyamy z derzhav mihratsiynoho ryzyku, a takozh zaluchennya tsykh osib do protypravnoyi diyalʹnosti.

31. Pohirshennya sotsialʹno-ekonomichnoho stanovyshcha mozhe sprychynyty posylennya emihratsiyi, shcho pryzvede do posylennya "vidtoku" z Ukrayiny dosvidchenykh kvalifikovanykh spetsialistiv ta molodykh talanovytykh kadriv.

III. Osnovni napryamy zovnishnʹopolitychnoyi ta vnutrishnʹopolitychnoyi diyalʹnosti derzhavy dlya zabezpechennya yiyi natsionalʹnykh interesiv i bezpeky

32. Zovnishnʹopolitychna diyalʹnistʹ derzhavy spryamovana peredusim na zabezpechennya nezalezhnosti i derzhavnoho suverenitetu, vidnovlennya terytorialʹnoyi tsilisnosti Ukrayiny.

33. Ukrayina, prahnuchy zmitsnyty zasnovanyy na demokratychnykh normakh i tsinnostyakh mizhnarodnyy poryadok, bere aktyvnu uchastʹ u protydiyi teroryzmu, rozpovsyudzhennyu zbroyi masovoho urazhennya, mizhnarodniy zlochynnosti, narkotorhivli, torhivli lyudʹmy, politychnomu ta relihiynomu ekstremizmu, nelehalʹniy mihratsiyi, kiberzahrozam, nehatyvnym naslidkam zminy klimatu, a takozh u poperedzhenni ta podolanni naslidkiv nadzvychaynykh sytuatsiy pryrodnoho i tekhnohennoho kharakteru.

34. Nabuttya povnopravnoho chlenstva Ukrayiny v Yevropeysʹkomu Soyuzi ta v Orhanizatsiyi Pivnichnoatlantychnoho dohovoru – stratehichnyy kurs derzhavy.

Dlya realizatsiyi tsʹoho kursu maye buty zabezpecheno povnu implementatsiyu ta podalʹshu adaptatsiyu Uhody pro asotsiatsiyu mizh Ukrayinoyu, z odniyeyi storony, ta Yevropeysʹkym Soyuzom, Yevropeysʹkym spivtovarystvom z atomnoyi enerhiyi i yikhnimy derzhavamy-chlenamy, z inshoyi storony, intehratsiyu natsionalʹnoyi ekonomiky do yevropeysʹkoho ekonomichnoho prostoru, dosyahnennya Ukrayinoyu vidpovidnosti Kopenhahensʹkym kryteriyam chlenstva v YES.

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29. The demographic situation is becoming more and more threatening. Abbreviation birth rate, high mortality rate, including infant mortality, problems reproductive health of the population, systemic problems in the field of protection health, emigration, especially professionals and young people, are undermining national stability, human, economic and military potential, threaten the future of Ukraine.

The spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has shown systemic problems in the field of health, biosafety and social protection, lack of preparedness to act in emergencies.

30. The number of violations of migration legislation of Ukraine is growing foreigners and stateless persons, in particular immigrants migration risk, as well as the involvement of these persons in illegal activities.

31. Deteriorating socio-economic situation may cause increased emigration, which will lead to increased "outflow" from Ukraine experienced qualified specialists and young talented staff.

III . Basic directions of foreign and domestic political activity of the state to ensure its national interests and security

32. The foreign policy of the state is aimed primarily at ensuring independence and state sovereignty, restoration territorial integrity of Ukraine.

33. Ukraine, seeking to strengthen based on democratic norms and values ​​of the international order, takes an active part in combating terrorism, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, international crime, drug trafficking, human trafficking, political and religious extremism, illegal migration, cyber threats, the negative effects of climate change, and in preventing and overcoming the consequences of emergencies natural and man-made nature.

34. Acquisition of full membership of Ukraine in the European Union and in The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is a strategic course of the state.

Full implementation is needed to implement this course and further adaptation of the Association Agreement between Ukraine, on the one hand parties, and the European Union, the European Atomic Energy Community energy and their Member States, on the other hand, integration national economy to the European Economic Area, Ukraine 's compliance with the Copenhagen membership criteria EU.

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Dlya zmitsnennya osoblyvoho partnerstva z NATO ta nabuttya povnopravnoho chlenstva v Orhanizatsiyi Pivnichnoatlantychnoho dohovoru Ukrayina planuye:

dosyahty u maksymalʹno stysli stroky dostatnʹoyi vzayemosumisnosti Zbroynykh Syl Ukrayiny ta inshykh skladovykh sektoru bezpeky i oborony z vidpovidnymy strukturamy derzhav Alʹyansu;

suttyevo aktyvizuvaty reformy, yaki neobkhidno vprovadyty z metoyu dosyahnennya vidpovidnosti kryteriyam chlenstva v NATO u ramkakh implementatsiyi richnykh natsionalʹnykh prohram pid ehidoyu Komisiyi Ukrayina – NATO;

otrymaty zaproshennya ta pryyednatysya do Planu diy shchodo chlenstva v NATO.

35. Vsebichne spivrobitnytstvo zi Spoluchenymy Shtatamy Ameryky, Spoluchenym Korolivstvom Velykoyi Brytaniyi i Pivnichnoyi Irlandiyi, Kanadoyu, Federatyvnoyu Respublikoyu Nimechchyna, Frantsuzʹkoyu Respublikoyu maye dlya Ukrayiny priorytetnyy stratehichnyy kharakter ta spryamovuyetʹsya na zmitsnennya harantiy nezalezhnosti y suverenitetu, spryyannya demokratychnomu postupu ta rozvytku Ukrayiny.

36. Z metoyu zakhystu vlasnykh natsionalʹnykh interesiv ta zmitsnennya rehionalʹnoyi bezpeky Ukrayina rozvyvatyme:

stratehichne partnerstvo z Azerbaydzhansʹkoyu Respublikoyu, Hruziyeyu, Lytovsʹkoyu Respublikoyu, Respublikoyu Polʹshcha, Turetsʹkoyu Respublikoyu;

partnersʹki vidnosyny z inshymy derzhavamy Baltiyi ta derzhavamy Pivnichnoyi Yevropy, a takozh tisni dobrosusidsʹki vidnosyny z derzhavamy Tsentralʹnoyi ta Pivdenno-Skhidnoyi Yevropy;

prahmatychni vidnosyny z Respublikoyu Bilorusʹ ta Respublikoyu Moldova;

praktychnu vzayemodiyu z derzhavamy – chlenamy NATO u harantuvanni bezpeky u Chornomorsʹkomu baseyni.

37. Ukrayina rozvyvatyme vzayemovyhidne ekonomichne spivrobitnytstvo z providnymy derzhavamy Aziyi, Blyzʹkoho Skhodu, Afryky ta Pivdennoyi Ameryky.

38. Ukrayina vzhyvatyme zakhodiv z metoyu vdoskonalennya sanktsiynoyi polityky dlya zbilʹshennya efektyvnosti vplyvu na obʺyekt zastosuvannya sanktsiy i minimizatsiyi shkody dlya svoyikh natsionalʹnykh interesiv.

39. Rosiysʹka Federatsiya yak derzhava-ahresor – dzherelo dovhostrokovykh systemnykh zahroz natsionalʹniy bezpetsi Ukrayiny. Tse obumovlyuye neobkhidnistʹ zaprovadzhennya modeli vidnosyn Ukrayiny z Rosiysʹkoyu Federatsiyeyu, yaka maye zabezpechyty prypynennya ahresiyi ta vidnovlennya terytorialʹnoyi tsilisnosti Ukrayiny u mezhakh yiyi mizhnarodno vyznanoho derzhavnoho kordonu na osnovi mizhnarodnoho prava.

40. Ukrayina vzhyvatyme zakhodiv dlya zapobihannya eskalatsiyi konfliktu z Rosiysʹkoyu Federatsiyeyu, nasampered shlyakhom zbilʹshennya yiyi potentsiynoyi tsiny do nepryynyatnoho dlya Rosiysʹkoyi Federatsiyi rivnya. Priorytetnymy napryamamy ye posylennya oboronnykh i bezpekovykh spromozhnostey, zmitsnennya mizhnarodnoyi pidtrymky Ukrayiny ta efektyvne vykorystannya mizhnarodnoyi dopomohy, a takozh zberezhennya konsolidovanoho mizhnarodnoho politychnoho, ekonomichnoho ta pravovoho tysku na ahresora.

41. Dlya zabezpechennya svoyikh natsionalʹnykh interesiv, zokrema prypynennya rosiysʹkoyi ahresiyi, povnoho vidnovlennya terytorialʹnoyi tsilisnosti, zakhystu prav, svobod i zakonnykh interesiv hromadyan Ukrayiny i subʺyektiv hospodaryuvannya, Ukrayina vestyme perehovory z Rosiysʹkoyu Federatsiyeyu za poserednytstva partneriv z chysla derzhav – chleniv YES ta NATO, a takozh OBSYE.

42. Ukrayina zakhyshchatyme prava, svobody i zakonni interesy svoyikh hromadyan na tymchasovo okupovanykh terytoriyakh Avtonomnoyi Respubliky Krym ta mista Sevastopolya, realizovuvatyme initsiatyvy shchodo reintehratsiyi tsykh terytoriy, sotsialʹnoho zakhystu ta pidtrymky naselennya, yake prozhyvaye na zaznachenykh terytoriyakh, a takozh zakhystu prav i svobod osib, shcho nalezhatʹ do krymsʹkotatarsʹkoho narodu, karayimiv i krymchakiv, utrymuvatyme zaznacheni pytannya na mizhnarodnomu poryadku dennomu.

43. Ukrayina prodovzhytʹ pozovnu robotu u mizhnarodnykh sudovykh instantsiyakh iz prytyahnennya Rosiysʹkoyi Federatsiyi do mizhnarodno-pravovoyi vidpovidalʹnosti.

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To strengthen the special partnership with NATO and gain a full-fledged one Ukraine plans to become a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization:

achieve sufficient interoperability as soon as possible Of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other components of the security and defense sector relevant Allied structures;

significantly intensify the reforms that need to be implemented in order to achieving compliance with the criteria for NATO membership in the framework implementation of annual national programs under the auspices of the Commission Ukraine - NATO;

Receive an invitation and join the NATO Membership Action Plan.

35. Comprehensive cooperation with the United States of America, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Canada, The Federal Republic of Germany, the French Republic has for Ukraine's priority strategic nature and is aimed at strengthening guarantees of independence and sovereignty, promotion of democratic progress and development of Ukraine.

36. In order to protect its own national interests and strengthen regional security, Ukraine will develop:

strategic partnership with the Republic of Azerbaijan, Georgia, The Republic of Lithuania, the Republic of Poland, the Republic of Turkey;

partnership with other Baltic States and states Northern Europe, as well as close good neighborly relations with states Central and South-Eastern Europe;

pragmatic relations with the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Moldova;

practical cooperation with NATO member states in ensuring security in the Black Sea basin.

37. Ukraine will develop mutually beneficial economic cooperation with leading countries in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and South America.

38. Ukraine will take measures to improve sanctions policies to increase the effectiveness of the impact on the target sanctions and minimization of harm to their national interests.

39. The Russian Federation as an aggressor state is a source of long-term systemic threats to Ukraine's national security. This necessitates introduction of a model of Ukraine's relations with the Russian Federation, which has to ensure the cessation of aggression and the restoration of territorial integrity Ukraine within its internationally recognized state border on the basis of international law.

40. Ukraine will take measures to prevent escalation of the conflict with Russian Federation, primarily by increasing its potential price to a level unacceptable to the Russian Federation. Priority areas there is a strengthening of defense and security capabilities, strengthening the international support for Ukraine and effective use of international assistance, and also preservation of the consolidated international political, economic and legal pressure on the aggressor.

41. To ensure their national interests, including termination Russian aggression, complete restoration of territorial integrity, protection of the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of citizens of Ukraine and subjects management, Ukraine will negotiate with the Russian Federation for mediation by partners from EU and NATO member states, as well as OSCE.

42. Ukraine will protect the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of its own citizens in the temporarily occupied territories of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol, will implement initiatives for the reintegration of these territories, social protection and support of the population living on these territories, as well as the protection of the rights and freedoms of persons belonging to to the Crimean Tatar people, Karaites and Crimean Tatars, will keep these issues are on the international agenda.

43. Ukraine will continue to sue in international courts instances of bringing the Russian Federation into international law responsibility.

44. The main task in the field of military security is capacity development containment. The unconditional priority is the combat-ready Armed Forces of Ukraine, prepared and motivated military reserve and effective territorial defense, which in combination with the capabilities of other bodies the security and defense sector are capable of inflicting such unacceptable for enemy losses on land, in the air, at sea and in cyberspace that will make it impossible to realize his aggressive intentions. The state will take lessons into account hybrid aggression against Ukraine, fighting in the Middle East in the new doctrinal approaches to military security.

45. State sovereignty, territorial integrity, democracy constitutional order and other vital national interests be also protected from non-military threats from the Russian Federation and other states, including attempts to provoke internal conflicts. Priority tasks of law enforcement, special, intelligence and other state bodies in accordance with their competence are:

active and effective counteraction to reconnaissance and sabotage activities, special information operations and cyberattacks, Russian and others subversive propaganda;

prevention, detection and cessation of separatism, terrorism, extremism, cessation of illegal armed groups, politically motivated violence and other encroachments on constitutional lad;

obtain complete and reliable forward-looking information about situation in Ukraine and the world, counteraction to external threats to the national security of Ukraine, promoting the realization of national interests of Ukraine.

46. The citizen must feel safe. Ukraine resolutely set up to establish the constitutional principle of the rule of law, equality of all before the law. In order to implement constitutional principles individual legal responsibility and the inevitability of punishment the state will:

resolutely oppose attempts to incite national, racial or religious enmity and hatred, humiliation of national honor and dignity, insults to the feelings of citizens through their religious beliefs, and also by restricting rights or establishing privileges on the grounds of race, skin color, political, religious and other beliefs, gender, condition health, ethnic and social origin, property status, place residence, by language or other characteristics;

resolutely oppose humanitarian aggression, develop Ukrainian culture as a basis for the consolidation of the Ukrainian nation and its strengthening identity;

ensure the implementation of law enforcement tasks criminal proceedings, in particular those related to the investigation criminal offenses committed in the temporarily occupied territory Ukraine, as well as in the areas of security measures national security and defense, repulsion and deterrence of armed aggression Of the Russian Federation in Donetsk and Luhansk regions;

approve the principle of zero tolerance for corruption, ensure the effective operation of anti-corruption bodies and counteract corruption offenses;

ensure transparency, accountability of government agencies, integrity of officials, effective access to justice, improve pre-trial criminal investigations offenses, judicial review of criminal proceedings and enforcement sentences imposed by courts;

increase the effectiveness of public policy in the field of protection state border of Ukraine and protection of sovereign rights of Ukraine in it exclusive (maritime) economic zone, as well as migration.

47. Ukraine will introduce a national sustainability system for ensuring a high level of readiness of society and the state to responding to a wide range of threats, including:

risk assessment, timely identification of threats and identification of vulnerabilities;

effective strategic planning and crisis management, in particular introduction of universal protocols for crisis response and recovery in line with NATO recommendations;

effective coordination and clear interaction of security sector bodies and defense, other government agencies, local communities, business, civil society and the population in preventing and responding to threats and overcoming the consequences of emergencies;

dissemination of necessary knowledge and skills in this field;

establishing and maintaining reliable channels of communication between government agencies and the population throughout Ukraine.

48. The state will create an effective system of security and critical resilience infrastructure based on a clear division of responsibilities entities and public-private partnerships.

49. Ukraine will develop an inclusive political dialogue through:

creating a system of strategic communications;

public discussion of current issues of social development, raising the level of media culture of society, ensuring security journalists in the performance of their professional duties;

development of competition in the field of providing information services to the population.

50. The state should perform only the necessary functions, first of all security, foreign policy, social, regulatory. Law enforcement, tax and customs authorities will protect rights, freedoms and law interests of citizens, in particular in doing business. Ukraine must complete decentralization process and to form capable united territorial ones communities.

51. Ukraine will carry out digital transformation, provide provision administrative services through a secure "single window" using modern information technology, will spread digital literacy.

52. The main task of cybersecurity system development is guarantee cyber resilience and cybersecurity of national information infrastructure, in particular in the context of digital transformation.

53. Resources are needed to ensure the well-being and security of citizens, which with the involvement and effective use of external sources can ensure sustainable and dynamic economic growth. This requires:

develop market competition, demonopolize the economy and de-shadow economic relations;

protect property rights;

ensure deregulation and prevent pressure on business;

create competitive conditions for attracting investments, including foreign ones;

ensure the sustainable functioning of the financial system, consistency monetary policy and increase confidence in national financial institutions;

improve legislation on the organization of the judiciary and ensure fair justice;

create favorable, in particular financial, conditions for the development of science, ensure the development of research infrastructure, as well as effective interaction of scientists with the public and private sectors, stimulate innovation and introduce the latest technologies, in particular in security and defense, health, industry, energy, mechanical engineering, agriculture, construction and infrastructure, sports, information and telecommunications;

promote the development of the aviation and space industries as such significant potential and opportunities for high-tech production civil and defense products;

identify and implement a reliable mechanism for monitoring the use of new technologies to ensure human and environmental safety;

reform land relations, providing for the introduction of circulation agricultural lands, implementation of measures for streamlining the accounting of land resources, to ensure environmentally friendly focused development of agro-industrial complex and food security;

modernize transport infrastructure - roads, railways, pipelines, airports, sea and river ports, etc., including through public-private partnership mechanisms, to conduct transparent privatization in order to attract domestic and foreign investment in modernization and development of the enterprise, promote productivity growth labor in the economy.

54. Economic development and security are impossible without sustainable energy development. To do this, we have:

to promote the expansion of Ukraine's energy potential and efficiency of its use;

integrate Ukraine's energy markets into the EU energy market, in particular to integrate the United Energy System of Ukraine into the European Union electricity transmission system operators (ENTSO-E) and Gas Transport system of Ukraine to the European network of gas transmission operators system (ENTSO-G), to preserve and expand the transit potential of Ukraine, counteract the implementation of projects that negatively affect energy state security;

diversify sources and routes of energy supply;

increase energy efficiency, introduce continuous accounting of production, transfer and use of energy resources, implement national energy balance, ensure further development fuel and energy sector in terms of sustainable development and environmental security, taking into account the latest technologies of energy production from renewable sources and its storage.

55. Ukraine is a maritime and river state. To realize its potential we will protect the freedom of navigation, promote efficient use resources of the Black and Azov Seas, the Dnieper and Danube rivers, to develop Merchant Navy and Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

56. Environmental safety, in particular the safety of the living environment human - one of the highest priorities. We must create conditions for maintenance of ecological balance on the territory of Ukraine, modernization communal infrastructure, strengthen environmental protection environment, implement the latest waste management systems and reduce industrial emissions, ensure efficient use natural resources, protect forests and reservoirs, develop protected areas, prevent the negative consequences of emergencies natural and man-made nature and eliminate them.

57. Human capital is the key to Ukraine's future. For its development it is necessary: ​​

create jobs in Ukraine;

modernize the system of preschool and complete general secondary education, vocational (technical) and higher education, lead educational standards to the needs of social development and to the best world samples;

create the conditions necessary for cultural development and enrichment citizens of Ukraine, popularization of Ukrainian and world art, music, literature;

create conditions, including infrastructure, for promotion among citizens of mass sports in order to improve their health and physical development;

ensure equal opportunities for women and men to implement and development of their abilities and potential, as well as to promote barrier-freeness different aspects of human life;

ensure the growth of the welfare of the population and the provision of targeted social assistance, in particular for large families and the poor citizens;

create economic and social conditions for raising the level birth rate and mortality reduction through implementation effective social mechanisms to support the child and family, development family forms of upbringing of children deprived of parental care, support for early childhood development, motherhood;

ensure the human right to health, including promotion healthy lifestyle, disease prevention, early diagnosis, high-quality comprehensive treatment, rehabilitation from the first days of the disease, palliative services, development of transplantation, proper medication ensuring, implementing standards of affordable and quality medical services, to form an effective system of biosafety and biological protection;

improve the system of quality control, effectiveness and safety of medicines;

ensure full inclusion of people with disabilities in society, equality of rights and opportunities for access to services and services, work, recreation and active social life.

IV . Directions and tasks of security and defense sector reform and development

58. Ukraine will speed up its defense to develop its deterrence potential and security reform in line with NATO norms, principles and standards. Planning documents in the areas of national security and defense, which will be prepared as a result of a comprehensive review of the security sector and defense, sectoral and other reviews will be practical and specific table of contents.

59. Soldier, sergeant and officer, security sector staff and defense and veterans will be the focus of the state. Armed forces Ukraine and other bodies of the security and defense sector will become a school leadership. Violations of civil rights will not be allowed military personnel and cases of discrimination, in particular on the basis of gender sign.

60. Ukraine will strengthen the combat potential of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other bodies of defense forces by:

increasing the level of combat readiness and combat capability;

improving the quality and intensity of training of troops (forces);

transformation of professional culture based on doctrinal approaches and principles of command and control, training, education of NATO;

improvement and development on the basis of modern technologies of management systems, telecommunications, intelligence, logistics;

professionalization of military service, development of territorial defense and service in the reserve;

modernization of the mobilization training and mobilization system, and also pre-conscription training and military-patriotic education young people;

improving the legal, material, psychological and social conditions of service;

equipping with new, in particular high-tech, models of weapons and military equipment;

strengthening the cooperation of all bodies of the security and defense sector to perform common tasks;

effective implementation of state policy to ensure equal rights and opportunities for women and men.

61. The defense-industrial complex will meet the needs of the Armed Forces Forces of Ukraine, other components of the security and defense sector of Ukraine in armaments and military equipment, will invest in technology development, production capacity, human resources, will attract investment, will take part in joint international projects, will realize potential public-private partnership, will thus act as a driver economic growth.

62. The state will help strengthen export potential defense-industrial complex, will intensify the military-technical cooperation with foreign partners in order to attract modern technologies in defense and related sectors of the economy, as well as the creation joint ventures and new jobs.

63. For the systematic protection of Ukraine from threats to national security the development of the security and defense sector is needed. To do this, Ukraine:

strengthen democratic civilian oversight of the security sector and defense of Ukraine as a guarantee of legality and efficiency of its activities components, increase management efficiency, strengthen supervision and strengthen responsibility of officials and officials of the security sector and defense;

review and enforce national legislation security and defense, in particular, clarify and implement the provisions of the Law of Ukraine "On the National Security of Ukraine";

create a system of effective management and coordination security and defense sector bodies, improve its architecture;

optimizes the structure, functions and number of the Security Service of Ukraine as specially authorized state body in the field of counterintelligence activities and protection of state secrets, the main body of nationwide system of combating terrorist activities, which will give the ability to prevent, timely identify external and internal threats security of Ukraine and to prevent them, to stop intelligence, terrorist and other illegal encroachments of special services of foreign states, and also organizations, individual groups and individuals for the state security of Ukraine, eliminate the conditions that contribute to them and the reasons for their occurrence;

create an effective intelligence community, strengthening its role in implementation of state policy in the spheres of national security and defense, strengthen the system of coordination and control of intelligence activities bodies, will develop intelligence capabilities;

complete the creation of a national cybersecurity system, will form modern capabilities of cybersecurity and cyber defense actors and strengthen their coordination system;

improve state protection of public authorities and statutory officials;

ensure the systematic reform of the National Police of Ukraine, strengthen the criminal police and pre-trial investigation bodies, in particular in the field of combating organized and transnational crime;

ensure the development of the National Guard of Ukraine taking into account experience of EU member states, strengthen its institutional capacity performing tasks on purpose;

organizes the development and use of integrated systems video surveillance with an analytical component in the public interest security;

ensure the development and improvement of the national system protection of the state border, in particular the implementation of European ones border security standards, coordinated state activities bodies of Ukraine and military formations for systemic development integrated border management;

optimizes the state system of civil protection by improving it management structures and systems (coordination), will improve the response to threats related to emergencies of any kind, clarify tasks for peacetime and in special periods;

automates the process of providing administrative services to foreigners and stateless persons, strengthen migration control at the state borders and within the state to ensure compliance by foreigners and stateless persons of the legislation of Ukraine.

V . Resources needed to implement the Strategy

64. To effectively use taxpayers' funds in The state budget of Ukraine will provide for expenditures for the sector Security and Defense to be considered by the National Security Council and defense of Ukraine in the manner prescribed by the Budget Code of Ukraine.

65. Ukraine will ensure the strengthening of financial stability, effective use of budget funds, international assistance, as well as funds from other sources not prohibited by law that will be involved for guaranteeing the national security of Ukraine by increasing transparency and the introduction of modern financial management.

Final provisions

66. The strategy is the basis for the development of such documents on planning in the areas of national security and defense, which will determine ways and tools of its implementation:

Human Development Strategy;

Military Security Strategy of Ukraine;

Public Security and Civil Protection Strategy of Ukraine;

Strategy of development of the defense-industrial complex of Ukraine;

Economic Security Strategy;

Energy Security Strategy;

Environmental Security and Climate Change Adaptation Strategy;

Biosafety and Biosecurity Strategy;

Information Security Strategy;

Cybersecurity Strategy of Ukraine;

Strategy of foreign policy;

State Security Strategy;

Integrated Border Management Strategy;

Food Security Strategy;

National Intelligence Program.

67. National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ministers Ukraine coordinates and monitors the implementation of the Strategy within powers defined by the Constitution and laws of Ukraine.

68. National Institute for Strategic Studies:

provides scientific and methodological support for a comprehensive review of the sector security and defense, preparation of draft planning documents in the areas national security and defense;

prepares annual reports on the state of national security of Ukraine based on the analysis of the implementation of the Strategy.

69. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is guided by the Implementation Strategy measures to ensure defense capability and national security Ukraine, public order, fight against crime.

70. Civil society exercises public control over the activities of public authorities in the implementation of the Strategy.

Head of the Office of & nbsp; President of Ukraine & nbsp; A.YERMAK